1.1 If you want to exchange or return the product because you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 10 days from receipt to notify us of your change or return. You can make the change or return by sending an email with the reason for the change or return to info@miuxashoes.com or by phone +34 965385926 from 09:00 to 12:30 (Spanish time), we will be happy to help you.

1.2 The items must be returned in perfect condition and accompanied by the original shipping box, they must be intact. If not, the return cannot be accepted. Shoes should be tested on a carpeted surface to avoid marks.

1.3 For sales and / or outlet orders, only exchanges or vouchers for the amount of the purchase will be accepted with an expiration of one year, returns will not be accepted. The shipping costs for the change are borne by the CLIENT.

1.4 Miuxa Shoes will assume the transport costs of the first change and return for PENINSULAR SPAIN, BALEARES AND PORTUGAL, for the other countries the changes will be borne by the CLIENT.

1.5 The amount of the return will be refunded by the same means of payment used between 2-7 days after receipt of the package.

1.6 In the event that the company notices an improper or abusive use of the return service by a customer, it reserves the right to restrict its free use in that specific case. If after a first change (in current and / or timeless campaign articles), the customer wants to make a second change, the cost of the new shipping and return are borne by the CUSTOMER, including SPAIN AND PORTUGAL.


An item is considered defective when it has been received damaged or when a manufacturing defect is evident. Please note that items damaged by wear and tear are not considered defective.

We are responsible for any defective item through its repair, replacement, price reduction or return in accordance with Law 23/2003, of July 10, on Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods.

If you have any questions about defective items, please contact us by email at info@miuxashoes.com


All items are quality checked for damage or defects before they are shipped.

If you receive an item that is not in perfect condition, please contact us immediately BY EMAIL at info@miuxashoes.com


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